Kai set

Meet Kai!!
He is 3 years old battling Leukemia
•We made a vow to be his BFF and support his mama along the way last year.
•This copper set named “Kai” was designed with help of her close friends to surprise Erika at our ambassador brunch as an outfit named after our little hero and a portion of the proceeds will go straight to her to help in any area she needs.
•Please continue reading to learn about Kai!!! ❤️
•Kai was diagnosed with B cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on April 7 2018. He has done weekly chemo at Children’s hospital as well as chemo at home. This has meant being sedated to put the chemo into his spine, through his port, and oral chemo. We finally have made it to “maintenance” phase and only have to go to the hospital once a month! Although this was supposed to be the easy portion he has had more side effects in this phase over others. Between blood and platelet transfusions and a few trips to the ER for fevers.. he is a WARRIOR and has fought this with everything in his little body and more! He is officially in remission 🙏🏻 but we will continue oral chemo at home until June 21, 2021. Our hope is that the cancer does not come back and he can start to live the life every toddler deserves
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