Welcome to our model stat sizing guide! Where we put a visual variation of body types and sizes to give you a more accurate and realistic shopping experience! We will be updating this page EVERY shoot, so you can get to know some of the ladies who BOLDLY and BRAVELY showcase their figures, so that YOU, our shopper, can feel comfortable and at home shopping our page. Please refer here & our sizing guide to better know what size you should be ordering!
Pant: 6 SH: M
Bust: 34 DD
Tops/Jackets: M
"Hey!! Im D, sometimes I love to be active wether its working out or working on Salty Honey! I love coaching women on their fitness & nutrition journeys! I eat balanced to keep my shape!"
Pant: 3 SH: S 
Bust: 32 DD SH: S
Tops/Jackets: S
"Hey hey ladayys! Taylor here, and I can't stand taking photos! lol I typically wear all size smalls but I fluctuate ALOT (like 10 lbs give or take weekly) so in this shoot I opted for all size mediums and the cozy was real. I prefer my SH with a little bag and sag so I typically size up. I am a mom of 3 INCREDIBLE kids (twin mom holla), lover of animals, and Salty Honey is my little pride and joy and still feels unreal. And well, Jesus is my absolute best friend and I cannot thank Him enough for thinking im worthy of this life. I enjoy eating and attempting to work out, I have been in shape, I have been in love with burritos, and I have been everywhere in-between."
"HI Im Sophia! I absolutely LOVE all things health/wellness and I am obsessed with life and all parts of it! I am all about spreading love, light, and positivity! I strive to leave every place I enter, happier! I have two beautiful children, and one handsome hunk of a fiancé! I truly believe that gratitude is one of the most important aspects of life and that comes easily being apart of Salty Honey! Come as you are could not hold more truth here! God has brought me here for a reason and I am swooning with joy to be here now!"
Pant: 20 SH: XXL
Bust: 40 DD SH:XXL
Tops/Jackets/Etc: XXL
"For many people, shopping can be scary for a plus size woman! I am on a weight loss journey, but am learning to appreciate where I am in this exact moment. You are beautiful whatever size you may be! Salty Honey stands up for women all sizes, shapes, and ages. Its so nice to see a company that has open arms for all."
Pant: 6 SH: M
Bust: 36 D SH:M
Tops/Jackets: M
"Hi! Danni here, im 27, I am a proud mother & wife. I feel like I've been having kids for 7 years straight! Between baseball practice, diapers, preschool & running a household, I try to make my Pilates classes when my schedule allows it. My body type is definitely - "has kids and reeeeally loves pizza" and for now im totally good with that!"
Pant: 2 SH: XS
Bust: 32 C SH: XS
Tops/Jackets: S
"I like eating, I take photographs, I have 3 dogs, and im happily married!"
Pant: 14 SH: XL
Bust: 38 DD SH: XL
Tops/Jackets: L
"Hi! Im Meghan! Im a wife and mom to my 2 year old son & two dogs! I work full time in the financial industry, help run my husbands construction company, and I run a blog on the side called All The F's where I share my journey of attempting to find balance in all the F's of life- FAITH, FAMILY, FITNESS, FOOD, FINANCES, AND FUN! When I first was introduced to SH, I knew I had found my tribe! I had messaged them asking if they thought their sizes would fit me and they not only responded with sweet, uplifting words, but sent me a pair to try! I was hooked! These clothes are truly for ALL women ALL ages ALL sizes ALL types! The community is immeasurable.