Welcome to our SWIM model stat sizing guide! Where we put a visual variation of body types and sizes to give you a more accurate and realistic shopping experience! We will be updating this page often, so you can get to know some of the ladies who BOLDLY and BRAVELY showcase their figures, so that YOU, our shopper, can feel comfortable and at home shopping our page. Please refer here & our sizing guide to better know what size you should be ordering!
Pant: 5
SH Swim bottom: MEDIUM
Bust: 32/34 DD
SH Swim top: MEDIUM
"My fitness journey started when I was so unhappy with myself weighing 197 I said enough and I needed a change. Working out became a passion and my results made me more determined. I lost almost 70 pounds and won't ever look back. I  became a spin instructor after taking spin classes so many times and after over 3 years of teaching, I decided to become a personal trainer. Fitness is very important to me and it feels so good helping others achieve goals and have them believe in me to get them there."
Pant: 7 
SH swim bottoms: MEDIUM
Bust: 34 B
SH Swim top: MEDIUM
"I am a mom who is on the journey to create the most comfortable me. I love to meal prep, workout, and lift heavy weights everyday. I also love to eat my kids candy when they aren't looking! Im all about that balanced life!"
PANT: 6/8 
SH Swim bottom: LARGE
BUST: 36 C 
SH Swim top: MEDIUM
"my journey with health and fitness has been bumpy with its highs and lows but consistent. although I fall short in fitness at times, I do maybes in making the healthiest choices I can for my body! believe one of the best choices we can make for ourselves is to eat healthy as we can as much as we can but nobody is perfect! We should always enjoy ourselves too, even if that means the occasional nachos and tacos! all in all, I enjoy taking care of myself and I always enjoy swimsuits that make me feel comfortable no matter where im at in my journey, and that is absolutely the case with SH Swim! Always comfortable, flattering, and aways cute!"
Pant: 2
Bust: 34 D 
"Health & fitness has become a huge part of my life and I am very passionate about helping other woman reach their health and fitness goals. I am a proud mom of one wild little boy, and a wife to one incredibly supportive husband that deals with all my wild ideas. So incredibly humbled to be apart of this salty honey squad, making all woman feel beautiful!"
Pant: 4/6 
SH Swim bottom: MEDIUM
Bust: 36 DDD 
SH Swim top: MEDIUM
"Staying active has always been a huge part of my life. My mom was an aerobics instructor, my dad an athlete, my brother and I in sports and in the gym from a young age. Fitness has always been a way of life for me and now as a mom, it is my outlet and "me time". I love teaching my kids that healthy habits are just a way of life, but we indulge as well. Life all about balance and accepting who I am, how I am, at every stage of life. I am not always perfect and at my best but it is what it is as long as we are all enjoying our lives thats all that matters"
Pant: 2 
SH Swim bottoms: MEDIUM
Bust: 32 D
SH Swim top: SMALL
"I love living a healthy lifestyle such as cardio, yoga and light weight lifting to keep my body and mind feeling right...but ill definitely choose a big plate of nachos over any of those things. a healthy lifestyle for me is all about balance and doing what your body and mind is asking you to do! no rules over here! just happiness!"
SH swim bottom: SMALL
Bust: 34 D 
SH Swim top: SMALL
"my fitness journey has been a huge commitment I have made to myself. I began strength training in 2013 and still going strong. its now my chosen lifestyle and I feel so darn good in my skin which has taken me years to accomplish and to be proud of. I love living sober. it truly is saving my life. Jesus has given me an abundance of strength and although it hasn't been easy...I have never given up. I want to inspire as many souls as I possibly can and be the light of Jesus with anyone make a connection with. I love life. I love celebrating victories. I love people. I love my husband. I love my daughters. I love my farm. I love my SH sisters!"