Taylor & Dianna

Owners Dianna Dahlgren and Taylor Flamenco have over 15 years of friendship under their belt. Growing up they both struggled with body image and the constant weight fluctuation their body types naturally have. Both laughing that they could gain weight just looking at ice cream. As they matured, they continued their super tight relationship even as their lifestyles became increasingly different. Dianna becoming a well known name in the super cross and fitness industry and Taylor becoming a wife and mother of 3. Over the course of the next few years Dianna had fallen prey to the competing industries guidelines of what her figure needed to be and struggled with different eating disorders to achieve her new look while Taylor was down to her all time low of just 100 lbs. with the stress of motherhood and pressure to be a fit mom. Their passions were clear, health and fitness were something they craved. But the best way to get there? They had no idea. One thing that was always apparent, the standard image of health and fitness was one size fits all. The beautiful girl with rock hard abs, no cellulite, no stretch marks. Well, that aint Salty Honey. Salty Honey is built on messy buns and imperfections. Taylor and Dianna refuse to give in to societies version of who should be in work out clothes. They want to advertise real women from all walks of life with all different body types. They say that fitness isn't something that can be defined into one perfectly toned figure. Its every woman. The woman who takes walks around the block because that's the start of their journey, the woman who feels too intimated by the weights so she runs on the treadmill, the woman who work out in home because the kids, the woman who does yoga, the woman who lifts heavy, and the woman who has never done a work out in her life but desperately wants a more active lifestyle. Salty Honey is every woman. We vow to stay photoshop free and show every beautiful imperfection. Real, raw, and authentic. Oh, and totally adorable!


Salty Honey