Who We Are

Owners Dianna Dahlgren and Taylor Leigh have over 17 years of friendship under their belt. Both mothers & home makers they desired to create something special with each of their unique passions.

Growing up, they both battled & overcame food addictions, weight fluctuations, and a heavy hand of bullying.

Rather then fall into the trap of the world that says to tear women down, attack their choices, shame their bodies, they wanted to create a brand where the atmosphere said no more.

No more ridicule, no more judgement, no more belittling, let’s lift each other up, let’s celebrate our differences, let’s root each other on.

With Dianna’s background in the fitness industry, and Taylors background in fashion, they blended together their giftings into something truly unique.

They started Salty Honey.

Right from their spare room in their home they started working with manufacturers, creating garments with zero experience, and just running with their dream.

It began with a few leggings, with special pockets, several bras, and a few tanks.

Since then it has grown and expanded into swimwear, loungewear, multiple styles in activewear, accessories and intimates.

While still a small business, our customers have expanded our company through word of mouth, with zero marketing and paid advertising, into something that surpassed our wildest dreams.

Not only in the best, Most comfortable, and affordable garments created specifically for the everyday woman, but also a massive community of positivity, love, and support, that welcomes everyone with open arms.

Taylor & Dianna vowed to never use photoshop, creating an authentic shopping experience, and have stayed true to their beliefs and values as Salty Honey grows.

No matter your background, your weight, size, or instagram following, your welcome here. 
your loved, your valued, your chosen, and your called.

We give all glory to God in what our company has become, and cannot wait to watch it continue to grow and touch many more lives through amazing clothing.



Salty Honey